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Now you have done a workout for your body, how about working out your mind.........

2020 has seen unprecedented time and space to consider and call to action new routines. In fact the only certainty this year has been UNCERTAINTY. How have you managed in the face of uncertainty?

If you have resided in Victoria, like me, we have had an extended challenge. Not only adjusting to complete lockdown for most in the natural therapies industry, but also redeveloping our offering for online consumption, telehealth supervised self shiatsu and personalised tailored one on one meditation sessions addressing physical, mental and emotional discomfort. Resilience and flexibility has certainly been the main ingredient for the past 6 months!

For me a key ingredient in caring for my mental and emotional health has been live online workouts using Zoom to reconnect with my local gym and community. The ever motivating and supportive team at Ringwood Personal Training (RPT). As we know mental health researchers and experts like Beyond Blue have long shown the benefits of movement on our mental state. This is also backed up in Traditional Chinese Medicine which states "qi moves blood and blood moves qi". In fact the diagnosis of depression in TCM is 'Liver qi stagnation'. So in order to resolve stagnation we need to enable what is stuck to move! Movement creates motion and so we often feel better, more motivated, and less "stuck" in our emotional state once we go for a walk, a run, a bike ride or participate in an online class creating movement and the connection with others.

However, consider a hollistic approach. Once you have worked out your body, work out your mind.

Just as you pour energy into your body to feel better, get stronger, become healthier, we must also pour energy towards our minds to be clearer and perform sharper. Many have experienced a range of mind and energy related symptoms such as fogginess or forgetfulness in lockdown. And don't even ask me what day or date it is! Sound familiar?

This is where meditation can help. Meditation is mind training.

How many thoughts do you think you have each day? The average person has a minimum of 5 thoughts per breath. Many have even more! But lets go with the average for the moment. With 5 thoughts per breath and an average of 20,000 breaths in a day, that's 100,000 thoughts streaming through your mind everyday!!!

Which ones are you aware of?

Meditation is an exercise that brings us to a place of awareness that allows us to see how our mind is currently operating. It is only once we become aware that we can then choose the direction we want to head in. Becoming present in this moment, rather than the stories our thoughts create taking us in to the future (that may not happen) or the past (which has already gone and cant be changed). This choice impacts our mood, emotions and flows on to effect our body and overall health in a very physical manner.

Just as the last 2-5 minutes of your workout can make the most difference in improving your strength and stamina, the time you spend with your mind observing your thoughts and working with the landscape of your mind can impact your entire Mind Body and Soul. If you find it difficult to sit with yourself and observe your mind start with support. 5-10 minutes a day with a guided meditation is a great place to start. Observe your breath. Letting everything go and simply focussing on the breath entering, and the release experienced as the breath leaves your body. As a thought arises distracting you simply return your focus back on your breath.

If you would like to see what the landscape of your mind looks like, join me for a live guided meditation via zoom Tuesday evenings from 8pm. Click Book Online or scroll down in Our Services to 5 Sessions of Guided Meditation, click on Book Now and select the Tuesday you wish to start.

Here is a sample of what you can expect...

Be Well,

Belinda xx

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